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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Why Should We be Waiting To Be Told?

Last night I watched Greg Hunter’s excellent interview with Clif High. One thing Clif said was that July will be an explosive month due to the backlash the people will show towards the elite that stole the American peoples’ election. What elite? Just a few at the top or the entire bought and paid for corrupt system?

The reason I am asking is I am pissed this morning. Yesterday there was a light report that the U. S. Senate declared the MSNBC Covid narrative to be a lie. This morning I got up and immediately searched for any corroboration on the ambiguous statement. I found no evidence of its truthfulness. But then I realized why should I have to search to ferret it out?

Why don’t certain Senators step forward and organize a group statement by all Senators that believe the Covid narrative is a lie and publish it? Why should we have to email each of them and not get a true response? With a mother in anxiety of having her family being vaccinated don’t people realize the importance of the truth being published, no matter what it is?

I am sorry to say this but I see the time quickly approaching when most political leaders should fear for their lives. If they can’t tell the truth when people’s families are at stake then those leaders should suffer terribly and pay the maximum price for their dereliction of duty.

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