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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Why Him? Why Gen. Honore?

I am sure by now that we are all aware that Retired General Honore has advised Pelosi that “he has called for setting up a quick-reaction force to permanently stand ready for threats against the government”.

See: General Recommends “Quick Reaction Troops” In DC To Protect The Ruling Class From The Slaves.

I am not concerned in the least. Let’s walk through this news story together.

A. First Look At Story Sources.

I Googled the story sources. They were RT (Russian Times), State Of The Nation and the Nowhere is the NY Times, The Washington Post or USA Today cited. doesn’t that feel a little odd to you? It appears more like the story was planted by the good guys.

B. No Power vs Power.

If I had power and money and was deathly afraid of cockroaches and discovered an infestation of foot long roaches in my office what would I do? I would call the biggest, the best and the fastest crew to end the problem within two days. Wouldn’t you? Why would Pelosi call in a retired General with no crew, no bug truck and no equipment? Shouldn’t she, through Biden, have ordered the staff on hand to solve the problem, the U. S. Army?

C. Who Is Gen. Honore?

The only reason we all know of him was he was the no nonsense rescuer from Katrina when our government failed New Orleans. We all saw him on TV and rooted for him.

D. Why Honore?

Because he is the absolute best one to do the job! We couldn’t get a better man for it. If the time was right after WWII, my pick for the job would have been Audie Murphy with all of his medals of valor. But this is not then, this is now.

E. The Purpose.

I doubt Honore has actually talked with Pelosi. The story is a plant to piss off the folks on the plantation. Honore is a famous bit actor called in to play a part – his part is to be our hero who ends up stabbing us in the back for the elite.

Pass the popcorn please and now lets get back to the big show. I'm dying to see how it ends.

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