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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Why Attack California?

Yesterday on Mike Adams’ podcast my notes recapping his talk shows: “39 Minute Mark - Nellus AFB, Nevada, now has land assault vehicles staged. The take down will start in California.” Adams talks about California for a few minutes but never really says anything. So let me give you my feelings on California. California is the heart of the voting fraud. Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinsteine have been manipulating voter fraud for years and that is what has kept them in power until they are nearly 90 years old each. If you clean out those still in power over the vote fraud there you cut out the heart of the beast. California isn’t blue, it is red. Dethroning California leadership returns the state back to the Republicans and as well back to sanity. Gets us all working for the U. S. instead of Pelosi/China Inc. Stops California Sedition. California’s economy is the fifth biggest in the world (Source). California has been insolvent for years. The only way it can save itself is to succeed from the Republic and become a sovereign country. This act would give it one power that as a state it does not have, the power to contract directly with foreign powers. Direct contracting ability would give them a tremendous economic advantage and invite a lot of foreign investment their way. This might make them financially solvent again. It would certainly increase their power. Most likely they would continue to partner with China. Land Controlled. California controls about 60% of the U. S. West coast. Several of their ports are now owned by China. If China partnered with a sovereign California they could have military bases touching the continental United States. My belief is this stand off has been brewing for many years. This creeping movement must be ended immediately. The only path forward for the Republic is to cut out the heart of the problem. Soon Nancy Pelosi may be singing “I left My Heart In San Francisco.”

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