• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Which Way To Back?

I’m really confused today. Why?

There is an invasion coming across our Southern border right now. We are hinted that the Regular Army is heading there.

There is a Killer Bomb Storm heading to the West Coast now. Will it sink the Xmas Gift fleet anchored offshore?

There is about to be a Mega-Tsunami from the La Palma Island volcano any hour now coming from the East.

Hints of an out-of-this-world alien invasion from above may be performed by the Deep State.

That is why I am so confused in this hour of my need to be alert and prepared. There is only one way I can turn such that my back does not face danger. I am left with just the North but as a bred Southerner I was weaned on never turning my back on the North! Oh god, what should I do?

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