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Jim's Rant For The Day: Which Side Will Win The Civil War?

Below is my response to that question in a chat room today.

Kauboy: Thanks for the great commentary and questions. Heavy isn’t it?

One of the hardest things I had to learn the past twenty years was the term “Unsustainable”.

I am a systems type of guy so I thought it meant that current systems (governmental, economic, financial, etc) would just get sluggish. Then after five years of thinking I realized the term actually means that Unsustainable Systems will stop!

Right now our economic system, governance and financial systems have stopped! What we currently see is just smoke, mirrors and fraud. What was ain’t no more. We will never again hear about “returning to normal.” Normal is no more.

The question posed is “who will win?”

Let's start with the premise that collapse is a process and not an event.

We are standing in the middle of a bridge with the back half destroyed leaving us with the only option to continue across the bridge. That is where we stand today.

It will be a long journey as one side (perceived today) wins and then possibly looses tomorrow. This will cycle through over and over again as we struggle to recreate ourselves and our societies. There is no blueprint in hand. Remember that the French Revolution lasted nine years of creations and failures just to create a government. But in our case we are creating/ altering a government in addition of new financial and economic systems as well, with all of them having to fit together like cogs of gears in a Grandfather clock. As one gear gets changed expect the clock to run poorly again and scream for more gear changes, but which gears?

I feel I am getting long winded here so let me sum it up. We find that one leg of a chair has been shaved just a little. By the time we get done balancing it there is no guarantee of the height of the chair and who it will please.

I just hope that humanity will wake up to the fact that we don’t need central governance as we have been taught for centuries. First we were told it was god’s will that royalty owned us. Then we were lead to believe lifetime bureaucrats would take care of us. All this time we were also enslaved by our economic systems and Banksters. I trust and believe that after we cross this bridge humanity will truly be free, and thus humanity itself as a whole (not just one class), will be the winner. This is my prayer.

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