• Jim Costa

Jim's Rant For The Day. Where's The Proof?

In a nutshell that answer is in D. C. All you have to do is simply look at it.

We are in the midst of a covert war with the world quickly coalescing against China. We are being told that after the 19th or 20th this war will become visible to all. But are we being conned with Hopium as we are being enslaved? Is that what's really going on here?

Well, lets take a long hard look at D. C.

If you believe that Italy and the Vatican have been caught in our vote tampering, and if you believe that the Elite's $Trillions in payoffs have been discovered in the Vatican Bank and is proof of their treasonous crimes, then consider this. They just lost their $Trillion nest eggs at the same time the world's spotlight is about to be turned on them. So I ask you "If that just happened to you how would it impact your thinking process the day after?"

It appears that most of the Congressmen are in shear panic and unable to think but instead are, pardon the pun, doing a Chinese fire drill. They are jumping ship and changing sides and showing their true colors. This might explain the one day rush to Impeachment and attempt at Amendment 25 on Trump. They are just following their old playbook without giving it any thought because right now they can't get together and think.

And the deplatforming is about cutting out Trump's tongue before he hollers "Boo!" which they know is coming. Pelosi even went so far as to brag about her seditious act of trying to take away Trump's launch codes. They can no longer think rationally as they destroy their party and themselves. They are running around as though their hair is on fire (except Pelosi; she just had hers done). If we were watching a war movie I see them as clumping together closer and closer as their lines shrink from the recognition they are surrounded and are about to be slaughtered. They are firing into the night at any sound they hear knowing it's Trump.

Am I exaggerating here? Just look at D. C. now. Are those 20,000 armed troops there to keep them in or the world out? Hell, I don't think they even know themselves. I am sure they would slip out and run if they had the chance and their nest eggs, but I don't think they have either. So they will continue to fire into the dark feeling they are still in charge and scaring the Boogie Man.

Is that enough proof for you?

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