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Jim’s Rant For The Day. What Trump Just Announced (Going After Big Tech).

In Trump’s announcement today (Link) this is my recap & thoughts:

* He is filing a class action lawsuit using the lead attorneys that beat out Big Tobacco. The suit is aiming for Google, Twitter and Facebook. * He expects the class action to be the biggest ever filed (number of plaintiffs).

* The filing asks for injunctions against them interfering in free speech. The court must immediately deal with the injunction. If successful it will stop the companies in their tracks while the suit proceeds. * You can believe the attorneys forum shopped for the most favorable place to file the action. They chose South Florida rather than California or New York.

* If the injunctions are so ordered then now may be the time for Trump to start announcing to the people the Vote audit results and other actions being taken by the White Hats!

* The overall strategy is to prove that big tech companies are agents of the government and therefore their Section 230 Congressional immunity from free speech lawsuits is unlawful, thus leaving them legally liable for damages. The Supreme Court has always maintained that Congress cannot delegate (license) an act that the Congress itself cannot do.

* To join the Class Action then go to

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