• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. What Patch Adams Learned.

This is going to be a serous one but first I have to share with you why I was laughing when I decided to write about Patch this morning. I read his book about twenty years ago and then did a little research on his life after the book was published. I assure you that he is a classic class act; an original one of a kind.

What got me laughing was a researcher telling of when Patch was accepted by medical school and had to wait for the next semester to begin his new life. So he moved there and got a temporary job as a bank clerk. He and another gentleman once a month had to sort canceled checks in numerical order before they were mailed out to the customers. Patch did it but was bored to death while doing it.

One month he and his mate showed up to work in rented gorilla suites. They sat on tall bar stools and sorted in view of all the customers. The management went along with it because nobody could stop laughing.

Now getting back to his serious side. A major event in his life was when he was taught to never look at the problem but to always look beyond the problem. Most of us get scared when focusing on the problem and more or less accept it as permanent and give up on solutions. This is our mistake today as we are still consumed by George of the Jungle and when will all this hell we are in end?

We know that it is ending – we can feel it. So I suggest we quit looking at it so hard and begin looking at what we want our lives to be after the problem is ended. That is where I am at now. I am now prepared to submit the CoOp Villages plan for a NESARA Humanity grant to begin building them immediately.


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