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Jim’s Rant For The Day. What Karl Denninger Just Said.

Yesterday Denninger said that the service industry will never return under the current economic conditions because those workers will starve to death living on a 30 hour workweek at minimum wages. I agree with him entirely as I have been seeing this happening for a long time. It was a clear vision that I have written about many times, beginning with my Caballero article twenty years ago.

But don’t let me gloat and say “I told you so.” as that’s not my purpose here. My intent is to show you how all of what Denninger and I have seen can and will be reversed when we are ready for it to be reversed, if we become the creators of our future. It can be done within one month. I’ll bet I sound like a simpleton now, don’t I?

If we assume the good guys win the Reset war, and if we assume NESARA/GESARA is real then the Service Industry will once again be a thriving industry, and yes, within a month!

Just follow the money. Older folks will receive a large payment to cover the costs of:

Reparations for damages done by the elite during their lifetime. $X,XXX,XXXX Payout of their lost Pensions and payout of their Social Security. $X,XXX,XXXX Then add back their bank loans forgiven. $XXX,XXXX __________

Now Add It All Up: $X,XXX,XXXX

Then factor in no IRS, no Inflation, no more corruption, no currency debasement or other uncertainties: $X,XXX,XXX

Now these Persons are Wealthy: ___________


I know, you are saying to yourself “This is a great fairy tale Jim, but how does this recreate the Service Industry? How does most of the adult population becoming wealthy change things? Well, I thought you would never ask. Go back and look again at the numbers above. If it is calculated according to your age, SSI records and work/earnings history then we would see some folks very wealthy and some not so very wealthy, with the latter group the younger adults. The younger adults have less paid into SSI, pensions, and have not been raped as badly by the bankers. So they're receiving less in reparations is a logical step in the process. But all is not lost to them and no, they have not been cheated by the process. Just the reverse has happened to them as they have hit the jackpot. Their dreams can now come true!

These persons are now free to create their lives without interference and being stomped down on every step of their life journey. Let’s look at the first Monday after the wealthy become wealthy. They will all call in their retirement leaving a huge hole in the workforce. The younger workforce will quickly fill their jobs and receive higher wages for it. Their training will come from the wealthy with pride in themselves to work sparingly to train the newbys before retiring completely.

Now lets go back to the Service Industry. Instead of them having to work 30 hours on job #1 and 20 hours on Job #2, they will now receive a great living wage for working only 30 hours a week leaving them time for their families. Don’t forget that their parents are now wealthy and can help push them through their dreams as well.

This is doable folks. We just have to win the Reset war.

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