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Jim’s Rant For The Day. What It Is? Plans For Moving Our Lives Forward.

This will be the first of a few Rants discussing how we might begin to move forward in our soon to be new lives and get away from seeing the Muppets being attacked. Hopefully we will get better dividends from our time together.

I am slow reading a book right now (just when waiting for appointments), The Guns of August. It discusses the German’s military plans to conquer France prior to WWII. I am reading it because President Kennedy read it just prior to the Cuban Missile crisis and it caused him not to trust his generals during that critical time in our history. The author suggests the Germans were prepared to fight their last war again, only better this time, instead of recognizing that the world has drastically changed since that last war. Our world is drastically about to change as well. We need not look at what it was anymore but rather try to truly see what it is now. Then we have to imagine what it will be like right after the chaos as the world turns upside down. So we need to know “what it is” then and plan for it.

So here is what I propose. Knowing that it is a hellova lot easier to put another on a diet than ourselves, I suggest we act as a team of advisers to several 19 year olds contemplating college. We may later do this type of exercise for other age groups navigating through life just to get our minds warmed up.

Now the Disclaimer. Some colleges may be soon dying and will have to be reborn later on. If we go into a Junior College library they will have a large collection of College Catalogs to lure students to the upper schools with each book outlining degrees offered and classes taught in the past. Some majors will be unchanged in the future like music, engineering and foreign languages. Some will no longer be helpful by looking backwards like Finance, Business, Journalism, Investments and Medicine as these trades may drastically change in the future and the colleges will be slow to adapt. But some majors require college accreditation in order to get a license like medicine, so let’s drop it from our conversation. That leaves us with Finance, Business, Journalism and Investments for our students to be advised on.

Our first step is to recognize that we must meet in secret because Junior and Juniorette already have their plans worked out and don’t need us. They will draw a Pell Loan / Grant and purchase a modest computer built into the dash of their new car so they can commute from their new apartment to campus like Cousin Nathan did.

So our job is to develop alternative options if there are no Pell loans, if the local college that accepted them closes down, if they are priced out altogether elsewhere or if the remaining schools cannot teach what they may probably end up needing. Simple task right?

So some of the options might be to:

A) Make sure their path is worth going down because it will be difficult.

Most college students change their majors 2 or 3 times. Can they do this without it being a costly mistake? Have them take a Kuder Preference type test to see where their personality and desires take them rather than taking forestry like the boyfriend even though she is terrified of bugs getting on her. Then have them present a formal report back to the group on the whys and wherefores of their decisions. This report should include major study area, locations, timing, people support and financing options. It will be great practice for them. Let them call in all the help they want; that’s how winners win!

B) Prep Them.

We can’t bet on them unless we are confident they can run the long race. Teach them birth control and knot tying for a penis.

Push speed reading, analytical thinking and techniques of making straight “A”s. Build a support group for them.

C) Take Combo Classes.

Consider Junior College classes mixed with Online learning or Self Directed study. Every college student should be able to read most textbooks, outline the funny looking words, memorize the outline and pass the final exam. It’s free.

D) Focus More on Self Directed Study.

Have the students create their own curriculum then have it signed off by successful persons in that career and college advisers (even if skipping college).

E) Arrange Deliberate Internships.

I believe it was the steel tycoon Andrew Carnegie that had his son apprentice for a fellow business man he respected. In exchange, Carnegie interned his friend’s child when the time came. This way their kids couldn’t con their way out of the work and pride of achievement. Instead they were pushed by taskmasters. Move them around to suite their future growth.

F) Contract For Investments.

Indentured servants came to America on contract with an investor. The price of the ship fare was to be worked off over a period of time. Perhaps the group could sell their final Education Report/Plan to an investor.

In Conclusion: So what’s in it for the students? Success, financing no longer a problem and to be a college winner when most students probably won’t make it through immediately after the chaos.

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