• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. What Is FOX News Up To?

From 8:00 AM, CST to 8:20 AM this morning, FOX news has been pounding treason news without saying the “T” word. What are they up to?

They are pushing hard the Eric Swalwell tie with a Chinese spy as well as what did Nancy Pelosi and her own spy know about Swalwell’s spy? They are also pushing on Hunter Biden’s job choices. Now you try to say all that without using the “T” word.

So why is FOX doing this after they decided to go down the dark MSNM road a month ago?

Have they had a change of heart (pocket book)?

Do they see the end of Biden and the Deep State?

Are they paving the way for the Insurrection Act?

Are they setting the stage for Biden to withdraw and somehow be replaced on January 20th swearing or swearing in ritual?

Two months ago I read what would happen if Biden can’t make it on the 20th but I admit I failed to lock it in my memory. Any of you know the answer to this possibility?

In the meantime I am totally confused. Your thoughts?

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