• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. What If It’s Two Against One?

I recall when the 2007/2008 crash occurred and you could feel it for a day or two ahead of the Bailout Announcement. You could feel the crash but no one knew what to expect. Then out of the blue we were told it was no biggie and it was back to normal now. But we know that the financial system did die and has been dead since. What we have been watching since has been just fraud and not an economy.

Tonight begins what may be a raid on silver price control to wrest its manipulation from the Banksters and force it back into the sunlight of a true market, causing the demise of the big bankers and more of the elites.

We are told the attackers are a bunch of juvenile 38 year olds playing on their computers on a hunch by Reddit. But what if it’s more than that. What if there is an obscene amount of money from one player hidden in with the Juvies that had this week’s date circled on their calendar for a long time? What if it’s Military Intelligence hunching Reddit and financing the silver attack for whatever amount is needed to insure the Banksters do die this time?

Is it time to bring it down? What if its more than just a grass roots movement? This may be one hell of a week folks.

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