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Jim’s Rant For The Day. What Families Can Expect Financially From The Reset. Parts I & II.

This will probably be a three part series presented by or before Tuesday, March 9th. It will be broken down by:

A) The conditions under which we are going to discuss it.

B) The hard part first – the banking fraud. C) All the other financial impacts to expect due to the fraud and then the reset.

Discussion Conditions – Part I

What Is It?

You need to understand what I am about to do here. I feel that twenty years ago I had a vision of the upcoming financial and global geo-political Collapse and Reset. I did not reason it; it was just shown to me, the observer. Some of it I understood and some of it made no real sense to me. I don’t know of anyone who has broached this subject yet, but some have hinted at it. I am going to share all of it finally because the time you need it is now. It is about to happen. I see it as the last day on the Titanic and it is too late to act now because it won’t really matter if you squeeze the last dollar out of the piggy bank. It won’t matter. You will get bad financial news as well as good financial news so it will all be a wash, just changes. There is no need to panic at this point. You just need to have your mind prepared so you can go through the ordeal more easily. Yes, your Titanic is going down tonight, yes it’s cold as hell, yes many won’t make it but you will survive OK.

I have had twenty years to go over that vision. I have studied some parts of it to gain understanding. The bottom line for you is I still see 100% of the vision still unchanged and on track. Let me explain this. If a person believes she is a psychic she only sees the probability of what is to come. If we are creating our own destiny then we each have free will. The probability is that the woman I fooled around with has a husband who is a wrestler and he now knows and is looking for me after telling my wife. Being the little person I am I will probably commit suicide. You can bet on that. But I still have the very last second to change my mind. The psychic would probably see self death.

Our species itself is creating these changes at this time. Some parts of the vision may change, but VERY few.

What’s Happening Around Us? Two major changes are happening now. There is the Geo-political changes, including the United States government and there is the Financial collapse. The Financial collapse is a numerical MUST. There is no way it cannot happen. Even if the Deep state wins the Geo-political war, the collapse must happen. The Geo-political changes are not mathematical certainties, they are coin tosses that may change some of the vision. But all in all, the collapse will occur.

How You Think About It.

Feel free to take it or leave it. I will never argue with you about it or try to defend it as I can’t. But I will try to clarify or give more details if asked.

This Conversation.

I have no real outline in mind. We are just going to have a conversation and I will let the thoughts simply flow. Other than grammar I will not go back and add or restate. This will be a one time shot so don’t look for perfection. I don’t want my reasoning or ego involved in this. I simply wish to convey a message to you.

The vision was meant for you and not for me. For me it has been somewhat of a curse because I could not take advantage of it for personal gain all while I was cast into living somewhat in a future reality that those around me could not even imagine. As a result of the visions I dropped out of the work force fifteen years early to focus on the future and was relegated to being the crazy uncle.

The Banking Fraud – Part II

Folks, this one is hard but I hope to give it to you easy, so stay with me. It is the linchpin to all that is happening around us now. It is the key to our evolution. You are lost if you skip this part.

In my late twenties I was a commercial bank loan officer for four years. I studied everything about banking because I wanted to understand it. I am not a mathematician but memorized long complicated formulas so I could calculate loan repayment schedules on paper when we were using early computers to do that. I never used those formulas, I just had to understand what was happening in the computer. As it turns out I was analyzing the very guts of banking fraud but never saw it! As a matter of fact I don’t think anyone there, including the bank president, saw the fraud. It was cleverly hidden right in front of us. So when I speak of the banking fraud don’t take it out on the bank employees as they too fell into the trap.

There was one moment that I should have realized it but failed to. I closed a 15 year mortgage and a few days later the gentleman came to me in shock. He purchased a $20,000 property. At home he multiplied the easy monthly payments by the total number of months and discovered the property was now costing him $30,000 with the bank keeping the extra $10,000. I sat him down and nicely explained the math was correct and sympathized with his shock but that was the reality. I too purchased a home and went through that emotion. I hated it as well. I should have realized it then that it was fraud. I had a clear view that day. I will never forget that failure.

I didn’t see my mistake until several years after my visions and when I was studying NESARA. Although NESARA did not deal directly with most of the bank fraud, it hinted at a little aspect of it.

Let me explain it this way. If we look at a brick wall we can focus on just one brick. It is this high up and this far from the left. And then we see other bricks around it then we see the wall. It looks normal, right?

But if we step back we see white mortar around the bricks. So the wall is not just bricks, it’s bricks and 10% mortar. But in the case of the bank buildings, it’s actually 90% mortar with the mortar being the fraud. Brace yourself because this is what I am about to show you!

Brief Course In Money & Banking History. Banking began in Europe before or around the crusades. A king crossing the desert on the way to work had to wear a metal suit plus a 100 pound wallet of coins in his back pocket. So he learned to deposit his coins for safe keeping in Western Europe and carry his paper receipt to a related bank in Eastern Europe to exchange the receipt for the 100 pounds of coins there. Banking 101 - Legit.


Soon the bankers learned that the coins just sat there. They could get rich by lending out 10% of the coins for interest. No one would be the wiser. But there was only one problem with this scheme – they would go to hell for the fraud as Christianity forbade charging interest (usury). No problem. They had Jewish merchants (eventually the Rothschild family) become the bankers and work for them. And now we wonder why Jews have been hated so much throughout history. We became interest slaves to them for doing what they were asked to do to us. Today 90% of the deposits are lent out. Fraud 201 – Your deposits are not safely being held.


Prior to the American Revolution, the economy in the colonies was flourishing compared to England. England printed the money and controlled it, thus controlled the economy due to the amount of money in circulation. But money was different in the colonies because it was difficult to get British coins on the back side of a mountain somewhere in the bushes. So if a farmer needed money he signed his IOU and paid the general store for supplies. The IOU was interest free because why would the farmer charge himself interest? The Merchant paid his supplier with the IOU; the whole community honored the farmer and his currency. In the spring the farmer sold his crops and paid off his IOU, retiring it.

Banking 102 - Create your own money and be independent, happy and wealthy. Legit.

England tried to outlaw this practice and wanted to control the colonies with its money instead. Thus the American Revolution. Monetizing Things.

During this time a cotton plantation would ship its cotton to England for sale there. But the plantation needed money now and couldn’t wait four months for the funds to return from England. So they learned to monetize things. The ship Captain would issue a Bill of Lading (receipt) for the on board cotton. The Plantation delivered it to his local bank who stapled it to another document thus now making the paper combination money. Things happened at the other end as well so that the final paid bill of lading became the title to the cotton. Eventually the original bank was repaid and deducted their costs/fees and interest from the eventual higher sales price and returned anything extra to the plantation.

Banking 103 – Monetizing Things. Legit.

Here’s The Kicker So Pay Attention. (Watch the banker’s left hand)

One daydreaming day, a banker realized that if a person signed a Note, a long form IOU so it is different from a simple IOU, then that Note on paper is actually a thing too. So now the banks trained people to sign a formal note on pretty paper instead of a smudged IOU. They took it back behind the Teller’s cage and stapled it to the other piece of paper now making it new money. Now while the Teller is counting out the money the Banker uses his left hand to rattle the vault door handle giving the customer the impression that he was getting the bank’s own cash from the vault, but the cash was actually his.

Did you see what just happened? Five years before the customer wrote his IOU and took money interest free. Today he wrote the same IOU, but on pretty paper, and now has to pay interest on it!

Massive Fraud 202. The Banks now lend the customers their own money and is charging interest for that fine service.

Finner The Mathematician.

Somewhere Around the 1950s a math wizard became a banker. He was most knowledgeable of a hypothetical math formula lovingly referred to as Finner’s Fenangaling Theorem. That formula is the “number added to, subtracted from, divided by or multiplied by the correct answer to give the controlling party the number it wants the answer to be”.

The wizard used it to create “Compounding Interest”. For hundreds of years interest was “Simple Interest”. A 10% rate was 10% times the loan balance adjusted for the time period it was calculated for. So a single payment loan for a full year of $1,000 had $100 interest added to the balance at the end of the year.

But with the new compounding interest the interest at the end of the year would now be perhaps $111 because all the interest to be paid was put on the loan on day one. Then the compound interest added was also compounded and then that was compounded until the interest amount no longer changed. For non-math people, this is equivalent to putting your middle finger on the scales.

I believe the wizard was the same smart ass that created the Rule of 78. That one is a banker’s humdinger. That formula made most of the interest on the one year note earned in the first 3 months of the loan. The benefit was that if the loan was paid off early the bank didn’t care because the customer was already fleeced by that time. There are more math tricks in banking but you get the picture.

And Now The Wall Street Pig Boys.

Somewhere around the 1990s the big Wall Street bankers hit the mother load. In prior years a mortgage was taken out at a local bank, which held the mortgage in their files and collected payments monthly. On day one the mortgage was recorded at the county court house and at payoff a Mortgage Satisfaction was also filed there ending the bank’s legal claim. The county made about $150 in recording fees.

The local banks wanted to speed up their money flow so they collected a thousand mortgages with all supporting documents and sold them in a box to wall street bankers. The Pig Boys then sold the box to an investor somewhere on the planet and that investor might resell them and so on. In order to cut out all the recording fees a new recording system was devised, MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registry System). Now at each transfer a spreadsheet was updated for just a few bucks verses $150 each time.

MERS held all the boxes and one piece of paper monetizing each box (Bill of Lading) which was all that was needed to be exchanged at each sale with just a photo copy of the mortgage and signed note stapled to the bill of lading covering the thousand mortgages bundled. Life was simplified and streamlined.

Now for the bad news. The photo copies was a fluke, an unplanned mistake. Under our English law, going back to the Magna Carter of 1215, a lender cannot foreclose on a mortgage unless he shows the court the ORIGINAL signed mortgage and promissory note proving the debt. Because of this no subsequent investor in their right mind would accept a photocopy. But for a year nobody squealed about it. So the bankers could photocopy ten sets and sell them instead of just one set. Now don’t be intimidated by the math here. One loan in the box was for $100,000 face value with an estimated future interest of $30,000. So Wall Street would buy it for say $110,000 being paid to the local bank. They would then sell to an investor for $113,000, making a quick profit of $3,000 on that one mortgage. Not bad eh? But what if you sold nine more copies of the mortgage? You would still sell each additional of it for the same $113,000 but the cost to the pig boys would only be $1 in photocopy costs. So instead of making a $3,000 profit on one they would make $1,020,000 on ten. Lets go back to the bad news. Sooner or later the world would catch on to the Pig Boys’

cheating. So they made a get away. They let their creation of MERS go bankrupt. Soon the unpaid rent allowed all the storage lockers to be emptied and their contents hauled off to the trash. There went the evidence.

More bad news is that one is not required to file their deed at the court house. But the law is specific in that the first deed filed at the court house is considered the legal deed. So if you pay off your mortgage and get a mortgage release don’t be surprised if five more mortgage holders are out there looking to race you to the courthouse. The bank Bail-out of 2007 – 2008 was done because of all the massive fraud created by MERS that could never be resolved. All of you who have heard Jimmy Buffett’s song, A pirate looks At 40, knows a banker is a lawyer’s best friend. If a repossession action is taken the judge and both opposing counsels will wink and assume the production of the original documents happened unless the homeowner screams for the originals himself. They are all propping up the banks.

MERS alone has destroyed the financial system making it irretrievably broken and never able to return to pre-fraud MERS activity. It is massive and can never be undone. The crooks think they have made a clean get away.

See: Link

So Now Let’s Talk About Fraud.

Of all the types of fraud let’s just focus on two: Fraud and Unfair Advantage (in Contracts). Fraud allows the victim to reverse the situation he is now in. It is his option if exercised in an appropriate time. This is true of the last election.

Unfair advantage is similar in its remedy to allow the victim to void the contract if he so chooses. An example of unfair contract advantage is my purchasing what I know to be an original Rembrandt at a rummage sale for $100. I know something that the victim does not know that is a major reason for him not to enter into the contract. Now with all the long term fraud going back for hundreds of years and now the major fraud the past 30 years all current banking loan contracts are voidable by its customers under both forms of fraud. The banks cannot survive this. They are ending.

Summation of Banking Fraud.

In a nutshell, the banks have deceived us all and now have a license to steal. Their Ponzi schemes are becoming apparent. Their fraud is closing in on them.

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