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Jim’s Rant For The Day. What Does A 4D Chess Board Look Like?

I got a quick glimpse of one last night in a dream. It was the board with Trump behind it, facing me as trump was involved in the game. Unfortunately when I woke up I don’t recall seeing the board. All I remember was that Chessy Cat grin on Trump's face as he was screwing with his opponent.

What if Miki Klamm (County Assembles) is correct in her statement that 27 Courts threw Trump’s Election lawsuits out because Trump had no standing in all those corporate courts. And recall his attorneys made those courts first prove they had jurisdiction over Trump the Sovereign and Trump as president of the Republic.

Is this 4D chess being played by allowing them to prosecute him until he asks for the court to prove jurisdiction, when Trump is good and ready to ask that?

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