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Jim’s Rant For The Day. What Clif Said Yesterday Regarding the Treaty of Westphalia.

If you haven’t got an hour to spare allow me to recap what Clif High said yesterday.

In yesterday’s podcast, O’Woo, he discussed the Treaty of Westphalia of 1648. It was a contract among the leading European countries that agree that only war can be waged by sovereign countries. Anyone attacking a country that is not a sovereign country was to be viewed as a Non-Human (Clif’s term), as a ruffian, a rebel (terrorist in today's term).

[This finally explains to me why a person in an uprising or rebellion against the crown was Drawn & Quartered, a horrible punishment of having one’s guts removed and then limbs pulled off the torso, usually while one is alive.]

Clif’s point is all wars between countries must be declared. However, the Deep State/Elites are waging an undeclared war against humanity and governments are also waging an undeclared war on their own citizens. Therefore, these attackers have declared themselves to be non-human and the citizens can treat them as such.

He indicated the attacks on humanity are like a few troops attacking a mountain (world population) and they can't put a dent in it. The Elites will lose.

He ended by saying we will go through a few rough months and all you have to do is stay alive.

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