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Jim’s Rant For The Day. What Clif Said Yesterday.

You should really watch this 30 minute video from the beginning for yourself. But if you absolutely don't have the time let me hit some of the highlights.

In regards to the Maxwell trial, note that the Prosecutor is the daughter of James Comey, the former Director of the FBI. Also realize that a newly promoted judge by Biden will preside. Clif suspects the Prosecutor will make a legal mistake that will allow the judge to declare a mistrial with prejudice, early in the trial. But Clif says don’t be concerned as the evidence and proceedings will point out the Deep State actors just the same. We are now in a war and that coming out is all that matters.

Three major corporation CEOs resigned yesterday, all effective immediately. Clif suspects three more will resign in the next few weeks. He states if one is the Disney CEO then another of his temporal (time) markers will have been met from several years ago.

[Personal note from Jim: Because of the timing yesterday, I suspect the CEOs hoped the trial would not have proceeded this week, perhaps by suicide?]

He predicts the Election fraud, a small trial involving flying saucers, open war, Vax and Aids, and Fauchi openly attacked and losing his position will all play out in the news media in December and January. This will force the MSN Media to begin uttering words, like war with China, etc. in the news thus opening the eyes of more sheeple.

It may take a year to three years to finally root out all of the Deep State. But first The world needs to realize that we are in a global war. When that happens the details of the 2020 election will no longer seem all that important as we build up together for war.


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