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Jim’s Rant For The Day. What Clif Said Friday.

Folks, you should really see the 60 minute interview for yourself, but if you can’t I will briefly recap the high points regarding the Collapse and Reset.

A. He said several events occurred on Oct. 28th to create the emotional release he anticipated.

B. The first mentioned was the collapse of the Australian bonds. This was a result of the current collapsing of China’s Evergrande real estate Ponzi operation. It is spreading the realization of a real estate bubble worldwide. Bonds issued by countries usually pledge no assets but are sold on the faith and credit in the issuing country. The big money people apparently are buying derivatives betting the Australia will collapse within two years. Now even Australia’s Central Bank won’t purchase their bonds. This is a kiss of death for that country. Watch for the fear to spread in the future.

C. He then mentioned Evergrande and the fact that the Main Street News said the the multi Million Dollar interest payment due was paid over the weekend. It now is clear that was a lie and as usual Evergrande is defaulting an all payments – they are dead. This company is about one third of China’s GDP and is causing China to go into panic response.

D. Michael Sussmann, an attorney for the Perkins Coie law firm, was charged by Special Counsel Huber. This is important because Clif says the law firm named is the second level of the Clinton Foundation mafia pyramid and their job is to provide all protection for the foundation’s illegal activity. This makes Hillary the bullseye.

E. Clif says that the Clintons are supported and protected by a million people worldwide and they will all have to be dealt with. Therefore, it may be two years before Hillary is actually arrested.

F. Again Clif states that November and December will be hard months.

G. The Deep state is boiling a big covered cauldron of fear to make us get vaxxed. But the problem is for them to continue to turn up the heat they are at risk of blowing up the cauldron and ending themselves instead.

P. S. This morning it was reported that Clif Tweeted ""Shifting over to building tension language now...."

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