• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. What Clif High Said Today.

In today’s Clif High Interview he broke it into two parts. The first 40 minutes was his excellent explanation on how is linguistics spider searches collects data for future predictions.

Beginning at the 40 Minute Mark he makes predictions going forward, mainly for October. Some of those predictions are:

A. Between Oct 4 – 10, the level of desperation will go up.

B. Between Oct. 24 – 28, the Mother Of All financial crashes will occur.

C. In January a palliative mood will hit the people. We will feel better that we have turned the corner, the Deep State is going away and a Sci Fi world is emerging for us.

Question to Clif: “How will this all end?” Answer: “The White Hats will win, no question [about it].”

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