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Jim’s Rant For The Day. What Clay Clark Just Said. [with Addition]

In X22 Report’s latest interview, Rogers & Clark-Audit All 50 States, Decertifying The Election Will Create A Constitutional Road Map, the discussion was about the status of the Arizona audit.

But Clark said it all at the 35 Minute mark when he said “I feel with the Maxwell [trial] taking place, all roads of the election fraud, medical fraud, religious fraud, Main Street Media fraud, monetary fraud, they’re all leading to the same people and I think we’re on the verge of the great reveal.”

Two minutes later he said “I’m a former disk jockey. The Pop Charts never had songs like “Lets Go Brandon” at the top and when you have five songs at the top and two of them are called “Lets Go Brandon” and . . . when there’s a Christian song, from an album endorsed by President Trump, in the number one spot, you know America is waking up!

At the 50 Minute mark Senator Rogers was asked if the 2020 election is overturned what would happen. She said there is a Constitutional road map from the Jefferson period when this happened. The US Senate would vote taking one vote from each state. The vote would be taken from the Senate makeup on the original Nov. 3rd voting date. At that time there were 29 Republican states and 21 Democrat states. To force a vote only three states need to decertify.

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