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Jim’s Rant For The Day. What Bo Polny Said and Didn’t Say.

The summation of what Bo Polny said yesterday was that the stock market will begin to crash as early as this coming week and that the people will blame it in the Biden Administration. Trump will then step in as the President and lead us out of the calamity into the new economic system. To me that is what he said.

From here on down is what he didn’t say. It is just me trying to reconcile what may be happening now. First let’s start with all the talk about the new QFS ready to go but was not announced publicly last week as was hinted to happen. I believe it is ready to go and is now online. But what I could never figure out is how it could be announced with Biden in charge. All he would do is make speeches and perhaps kill it in some way – cause confusion because the bankers do not want it. An early announcement has always been the part that never made sense to me. It was as if spraying a fire extinguisher in a room before the fire actually breaks out; perhaps a wasted shot.

I think what Polny didn’t say is that the fire extinguisher is in place and ready to go but first they must collapse the giant stock Market bubble, because it must burst, on Biden’s watch. Then the new CFS is announced followed a few weeks later after the people have lost their pensions in the stock Market, the dollar is crashing and inflation is killing us and they realize it. After their loss has set in, then NESARA/GESARA is ushered out to save the world. With NESARA/GESARA in play, Trump can quickly calm the masses down and recreate our new economic system. I think that is what Polny didn’t say but could have.

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