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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Watch Out Folks, Be Ready.

Last night I considered writing a Rant warning that the recent Big World Bankers seminar on how the financial collapse will be handled was most telling. My gut feel is they would give the attendees at most two weeks to prepare for it. (I am guessing at a two weeks notice).

DAHBOO77 reported the war-game planning meeting on Dec. 16th. So two weeks from that date would move the two week marker to around December 30th.

But at bedtime I decided not to speculate and scare people on just a hunch, so I decided not to reveal my thoughts.

That changed this morning. It appears the MSN Media intends to go through the holiday weekend without announcing the Supreme Court announcement last night to hear the Vax Mandates petition on January 7th.

It appears the MSN Media will not tell the American public about the announcement today. Can they cover it up until after Jan 7th? Probably not. A deletion of news of this importance risks finishing off the news machine. This all adds credence that a collapse may be imminent.

Watch out Folks, be ready.

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