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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Watch Greg Hunter’s Podcast Because Baghdad Bob Is Running The White House.

Hunter does a great restatement of all that we know to be factual as of today; there is no speculation in his restatement. Watch today’s podcast at least twice before it disappears. You may need it to explain to others what is happening if things go horribly wrong.

The news stories out this week are quite damning of the CABAL. The MSN Media reaction yesterday and this morning is terrifying to one’s nerves. It reminds me of Baghdad Bob who broadcast that Iraq was winning the war as Troops were capturing his city of Baghdad. He was spewing lies faster than ever in that moment. I am seeing the same thing happening with the MSN Media here.

We are hearing possible war with China, war with Russia, North Korea, Missiles being fired yesterday at the US Embassy in Iraq, China closing its ports, The Oath keepers arrested for lusting after Pelosi and wanting her for themselves. Then there is the speculation that the Democrats now must dump Biden within a month and bring in an unconstitutional replacement, the Dems are abandoning the Covid lie in the process, trying to pass a law that you can only vote for a Democrat in the future. Yes it’s crazy and they are more crazy than ever. Be prepared for a sudden life changing move by them.

Then there’s Clif High. I have followed him for ten years, I feel I know him and I definitely respect him. But I simply must step back and do some critical analysis on him today. Let us begin with what he himself tells us. He has lost the scent in the rabbit hunt. He explains that since the clamp down on conversations his internet mining webbots have stopped revealing trends. Two weeks ago he announced he was in bed with “Q” (Military Intelligence). I have seen the results in him giving information that he could have only obtained from the military and not from his webbot mining.

So here is my point. We know that there was a deadly stalemate in WWI France that was finally broken with the arrival of newly built contraptions dubbed “Tanks” that broke the German lines. I have no doubt the enemy heard of them being created and tested. They knew they were coming. But most likely word was leaked out that it would be several months away from the actual delivery date to protect the surprise.

Clif is saying February, March and April. He is saying watch out for the CABAL to try another fast move on us real soon as they are dying. It is being reported that 42 state National Guards have been called up this week. Now I recognize the National Guard can only hold a line for a few days and that’s it. That’s all they are designed to do, a holding action.

The Emergency Broadcast System relies on old technology that we have seen several tests fail at the past year. I suspect Trump does not have 100% control of it. But supposedly there are new satellites in a lower orbit that Trump does have control over. Perhaps Trump's upcoming social media platform will be broadcast from the new satellite system.

We have been told that Trump's new social media platform "Truth" will be activated on February 21st. but they are signing up free accounts now. Is February 21st a red herring? Could the real date be January 21st? Just asking.

I suspect a line of tanks and regular troops are positioned out of sight now and something may be about to change our lives. Be more prepared than usual.

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