• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Update on The Drunken Sailor.

Last night Mommy had a pulled back muscle and was quiet at dinner so we were all quiet for her. During the evening Tavie did sing out a few times “Earlii in the morning.” but no one said anything. Her Granny corrected her by saying the word is “Early” and not “earlii”. But Tavie corrected her correction by pointing out that the song is 300 years old and “Earlii” is old English.

Today she sang Drunken Sailor the entire 15 minutes to school. She had me pause it once and said “They’re just messing with him aren’t they?”

Her Mom and Dad still are unaware so I am still alive. At lunch today my wife said Tavie has been in a great mood yesterday and today. I dared not tell her I am giving her a pint of grog on the way to school now. Hey, she keeps asking for it.

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