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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Turned The Corner.

This weekend we saw evidence that the Trump team turned the corner and that the Deep state is dying. Trump now has points on the board.

Three weeks ago Trump fired General Mark Esper, a globalist, as Defense Minister and replaced him with General Chris Miller, a specialist in Insurgencies. Miller immediately issued two orders to the DOD: End all unnecessary wars now and then he pulled all Special Forces under his command. This move leaves the CIA almost entirely defenseless. Score one point for Trump.

This weekend the Trump legal team had a winning season in just two days. The had their timetable pushed up by the SCOTUS making it probable the Supreme Court is about to step in. On top of that: * Ware County, Ga was court ordered to have their Dominion machines investigated. A test deck of 37 votes for Trump and 37 votes for Biden were run through their machines. Both times the test decks were run, Biden won the vote by 27%. * Shortly after the Ware test a Judge ordered the same test be run in Michigan.

* The closed circuit video of after hours fraud voting in Fulton County now has 53% of all political parties polled in Georgia stating the vote was a fraud.

* Last night Sidney Powell announced that they now have proof that the Democrats have been stealing House and Senate seats as well as governor races for years.

* Yesterday Florida Governor Ron DeSantis ordered that all Covid-19 tests will state the “Cycle Threashold” Level. In layman’s terms, a low number means you have or had Covid recently. A high number means you had the flu in the past XX years. This will end the fraudulently overstatement of cases. * Citizens are rebelling to fraudulently proclaimed lock downs.

Score another point for Trump – the masses are waking up!

I suspect the next big score will be the entire leadership of California (Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinsteine and Gov. Newsom) will be seen as the fraudsters they are and hide from the public’s eye as their dynasty crumbles. This will be worth 2 points when it happens.

And finally, ½ point for Trump now having a party anthem.

This gives Trump 3½ points and the Deep State Zip. It's almost game over.

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