• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Trapper John.

Is the Reset happening now? You tell me.

Remember the weekly MASH series? Remember Trapper John? Ever recall how he got his name?

As it was told in the original movie, the good doctor john was in medical school and went out partying one night. He got on an elevator with a beautiful stranger, just the two of them. When the door opened up in the lobby she ran out holding her disheveled clothes hollering “He trapped me, he trapped me.”

Today we see Congressman Elizabeth Cheney being ejected from the big table in the Senate hollering “Trump trapped me, Trump trapped me” or something like that. We see the GOP splitting in half because "Trump trapped me." or something like that. Then today we see a posse of eighteen New York prosecutors heading to Florida with a rail to run Trump on back to New York for crimes not even mentioned. The crimes obviously don’t matter. The elite are going batshit crazy at Trump. Why?

Since most of the press can’t say “President Trump” how does “Trapper Trump” sound?

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