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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Today’s Scott McKay Interview with an Economist.

I am only five minutes into the interview but here is where I think they are going or where they should be going in pure layman’s terms.

The banks have stopped lending money because they know what is coming, period.

They know they are killing off the U. S. Dollar. They know as the dollar dies inflation will go through the roof. They know Silver and gold, the real money, will sky rocket.

They know their loan contracts have no provisions for a collapsing dollar or monster inflation.

They know people’s income will be strangled and thus they cannot make payments.

Now here’s their weakness they are terrified you will discover. You can purchase 100 US silver eagle dollars today for about $3,000 total. In a few months as we go to the backside of the reset, those Eagles you purchased for $30 each will shoot to around $600 each and then from $1,000 to $2,000 each after that.

Therefore your $3,000 investment can go to:

Each Total Value

$600 $60,000 $1,000 $100,000

$2,000 $200,000

You can then pay off your loans to them with highly inflated dollars, such as a loan balance of $200,000 would be paid off with just $3,000 out of your pocket. This equates to about 1 and a half cents on the dollar! You are now beating them at their own game and they can’t stand this.

And to hurt them even more, they know you can do it with a credit card that you will never have to pay back when the banks collapse.

For those of you thinking this is crooked you need to think again. All you are doing is playing their game by their rules. Nothing crooked about that. Hell, you can even tell them what you did when you pay off your loan. Or better still, sit on your silver and see if they collapse first.

See Interview: Link

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