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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Today’s Mike Adam’s Podcast.

For those of you who have listened to his Podcast today, Situation Update, Mar. 2nd, 2021 - ASIANS are finally fed up with leftist race theory bullcrap, don’t panic. Just allow me to explain some things first.

First let me give you the punchline. My opinion is that right now he is lost in the wilderness, but he is serving a purpose and doing the best he can.

Now a history on him. Prior to December 2020, his organization was his Natural Health News organization. I believe he has some type of medical biology background and was focused on natural health remedies and unseen health hazards faced by our culture. Then it appears he was visited by new sources in the battle to free ourselves from the Deep State. That is when I began posting his podcasts and even recapped them as they were excellent on delivering new intel. I was trying to help deliver the information to those who did not have an extra 90 minutes each day to follow him.

Within a month of his arrival on our scene he admits his intel sources left him. Before we go further let me explain Charlie Ward. He and Simon Parkes appeared on the scene about the time Adams became high and dry. Ward was asked to introduce himself on one interview. He said he got curious on what was happening so he “spent thousands of hours doing research so he could decide for himself.” I realized that for many of us that was the only pattern for arriving. We each had to do the research for ourselves first. This step cannot be left out otherwise one would only be flipping a coin as to what is real and not real. You can’t reason your way through the maze.

Getting back to Mike Adams, he cut this step out when he was left dry. So he and his staff hurriedly began their journey into the thousands of hours research so they could continue their daily 90 minute podcasts. It was obvious what they were doing. He was following his new business plan on the fly. But what they were doing was equivalent to taking Anatomy as a group with each person reading one chapter but none of them seeing the whole body.

I continued to post his podcasts but stopped recapping them, instead waiting for his afternoon articles to recap himself for the readers to decide if they wanted to listen to his podcast, as many readers are way ahead of Adams. Also I like to present both sides of most stories so readers can decide for themselves. What I admire about Adams is he is most analytical and a great teacher. So I continue to post him as most of the great analysts have dropped out now. But to be honest I no longer have 90 minutes each day for him.

In conclusion, I feel he is way off the trail in stating that he feels Trump has been defeated and has given up. I know too much that he doesn’t know. But I feel his analysis may be just the thing for some readers to hear so they can go through the analysis maze to decide for themselves. Good luck to us all and Happy Hunting (for the truth).

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