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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Thoughts on Mike Adams' Update dated Dec. 24th.

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

I have had several calls this morning regarding his post Situation Update, Dec. 24th - Pence fails, options collapsing, Declass priority. It is 46 Minutes long and should be a Must Hear. If you haven’t heard it yet I will post my recap of it at the end of this Rant. Let’s do it this way, first I am going to give you my overall conclusion. Then I will address a few points covered. Conclusion: Fear not, we are seeing the confusion of war. We have been at war a long time now and a major turning point is playing out now over the next 30 days. It was understood that the fighting would be brutal at the end and would come out into the open. Well, now it is - brutal and in our face.

Trump has about ten methods of defeating Biden. Does he do it by getting on first base first and then coming back to invoke the Insurrection Act to clean out the rest of the swamp, or does he try to pick up all the crooks in one massive move, all at once? Will this be a bloodless fight? I don't think so. Will lots of good careers be destroyed? Yes. Can violence destroy innocent people? Yes, in a heartbeat. This is to be expected when the life of the country (and world) are at stake. This is not about getting points on the board, it's about destroying your enemy. And to do that expect collateral damage. Lastly, remember that the first casualty in war is always the truth. Right now we don't really have a lot of truths so go with your gut feelings.

Pence failing to invoke the Raifkin plan to block illegal certified votes from swing states.

Remember he can still throw out those certified votes on Jan 6Th.

Use of the Insurrection Act being forbidden in the recently vetoed NDDA funding bill. I just don't buy this. The Insurrection Act is defined in the 14th Amendment in just two sentences. How can a few words inserted in a spending bill overturn the Constitution. Doesn't it require a Constitutional Convention to change the Constitution and states to vote on the change? And if it could be done by adding words to a spending bill wouldn't Hillary be our queen by now?

P. S. page 5,893 nullifies the presidents use of the insurrection act...doesn't nullify the act itself.

Trump to be physically forced out of the White House after Xmas.

You don't think the military won't be there?

Big People turning on Trump. Some rats jumping ship, others playing roles for disinformation perhaps?

Reaction to the Declass option. Only a fool would believe it would not draw blood in a fight like this.

Rumors of Nukes hidden in the U. S . This has been a possibility for many years now. If we assume it is true then better to have X% casualties than 100% casualties.


2 MM Pence failed to execute yesterday. 5 MM The NDAA bill just vetoed by Trump has a provision to keep him from invoking the Insurrection act. Congress will meet after Christmas to vote the bill over his veto. 4 MM Republicans have turned on Trump and appear to be isolating him. 10 MM Sydney Powell has been cut off access to Trump. 12 MM DOD may have caught Biden in Treason. 15 MM White House has been told to stop packing up to move out of the White House. Prepare for news on this. 22 MM Epoch Times says a Sgt at Arms for enforcement of subpoena in Mericopa, county, Arizona today. 23 Ron Paul’s Liberty broadcasts have been stopped by Youtube. 26 MM Alex Jones is saying enemies of America are planning to remove Trump by force next week, to prevent release of classified docs. It is said Trump has Hunter's laptop and sex videos to be released. 28 MM Trump is surrounded by traitors. 31 MM Rumor that a nuclear device is installed around the WhiteHouse. Trump and others may be blackmailed by threats of nuclear devices around the country. 39 MM There is no way we can know what pressure Trump is under.


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