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Jim’s Rant For The Day. The Stealth of Stealth.

The problem of stealth is that it is done stealthily, it is never broadcast. Take for instance George Washington’s crossing of the Delaware to attack Trenton. He left behind a few troops to keep the fires burning in the snow. School kids see him as a genius but that has always been a military practice. When you are in movement it is usually done in stealth.

Yesterday Cliff High’s report may have unnerved some of us. But let’s look at where we are again. I think we all feel things are happening fast and big right now, right? I feel that there is a big news black out from the alternative news reporters, possibly from some being under Non-Disclosure agreements. WE are being told that we only know about 20% of what is actually happening now. That should be right if we follow history.

When this happens journalists have to produce some made up stories, that being personal opinion and conjecture versus sourced information. Who knows, maybe even get into a few squabbles on who has the best intel. Is this where we are today?

In an all out war for the control of the planet and all humanity I would guess that the first rule of a war like this is that there are no rules. So the talk about the U. S. Military must do this in this manner or time frame is out the window. The rule that NESARA must be obeyed exactly may be out the window.

The rule that there can be no civilian casualties is also now gone. Trump didn’t tell us the day he signed the insurrection act and the military does not have to tell us the day they took over or ended their term at the helm. Folks, we are in a new type of global war. Rules can be broken; a trooper can step on a crack on the walkway.

If the U.S. gets its act together should it be announced to the world so other countries will give up their fight against the CABAL thinking we will now come and save them? That is like saying if the center of a battle line is winning and has it all under control and announces it too soon then the flanking sides may stand down and the entire army can be overrun. The battle isn't over until it's all over, and our battle is global.

What remains true is that we must be prepared for the worst, for a long term war and to preserve our families first. What also is true is that at the same time we should hope for victory and pitch in to work towards that victory. We can’t just sit on the side lines as a spectator. We have to get the word out, we have to push back on idiots that vomit lies on us and let them know that they are just vomiting liars and to back away from our lives. We can’t remain silent and polite.

Mask hell, I want to wear a heavy yellow raincoat when I am out among those pukes!

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