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Jim’s Rant For The Day. The Sixth Sense Redoux.

Yesterday afternoon I watched the second half of the movie, The Sixth Sense. It reminded me of seeing it when it first aired in a theater. My cousin who introduced me into meditation wanted me to see the movie with her. It caught us both cold with its ending. We left the theater dumbfounded.

Six months later I read that the producers were stupefied when the second week of airing the box office take doubled over the first week sales. They had never seen that happen with a first airing. Here was their problem; the first week they were certain the film would flop!

The producers feared they overplayed their hand. I understand the producers of the 1960’s movie Psycho had the same fear. They did everything in their power to not reveal the name of the movie until it aired because they feared someone would read the book by the same name and reveal the ending.

Anyway, The Sixth Sense producers felt they overplayed their hand by an extreme focus on the color red in upcoming explosive scenes that were hints to the ending. Post filming they feared too much red was in the film can. After the second week they discovered the increase in ticket sales the second week was because all first week viewers returned the second week to see how they were so cleverly conned, including my cousin and myself.

When the live horror show we are currently watching is over, I wonder how many of us will want to go back through it again just to see how we too were conned?

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