• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. The Reality Of Madness.

How long will humanity choose the disease of the ego, the disease of power for the sake of power, the disease of failure to control so the solution is central control of all there is in order to get control of only a part of all there is?

How long will the non-Madness reality humans tolerate leaders with this madness disease to lead them?

Therefore, how long will humanity choose living in, or accepting, the reality of madness?

In my opinion the citizens of that county should call a De Jure Grand Jury to see if an indictment is in order for criminal offenses. Those offenses might possibly be Malfeasance and/or Accessory After The Fact To Rape.

See: REVEALED: Loudoun Schools Superintendent who denied having record of female student, 15, being raped by 15-year-old 'boy in a skirt' REPORTED the assault to the board on the day of the attack, email shows.

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