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Jim's Rant For The Day. The Real Issue & Timing.

By training I was a CPA, computer systems Analyst and Paralegal.

I was a systems guy; I only see systems.

As an auditor and CPA, I learned very early that in setting up an honest business system, there was always one goal. That was to make it so that in order to cheat or steal from the system, two persons were required to act together.

The Voting system I participated in (on voting day) did not allow two persons to act together the time I was there.

However, I left before the senior people left. But by that time the ballots had been sealed in bags and were awaiting for transport.

So there was indeed room for fraud because I cannot say there was not room. Could two people come into the main building after hours and make changes? I don't know unless their system is set up to prevent that.

Now we highly suspect fraud in the South end of the state controlled by the Democrats. Do they have a good audit control system? Do they use good fool-proof machines?

Can any machine be hacked and change number counts?

So what I end up with is Florida has 60 counties, with each in charge of their audit systems, each in charge of their machine purchases, etc. And each has an Election Supervisor that must certify the vote as accurate.

My final question is how can a Supervisor certify their county vote if they end up with more ballots than they have as registered voters? Likewise how can a State certify their vote if they have more voters than registered voters?To me this is the key issue. I would wait until the states certify their votes, usually around the 25th of November, and then come out a-gunning for them. That would be Prima-Facia proof of a crime in those areas that fit this problem. Then it comes down to simple math and you can't undo that one. I think they had the math covered until late Tuesday night when they realized they needed a whole lot more fraud and could not hide the true numbers with what they were forced to do after that. Thus the extreme numbers of more ballots than registered voters.

Of course, in the meantime the MSNM, including FOX News, will declare Biden the winner and shut down all talk about court challenges. Then perhaps it might be a good time to take out the grid or insert a new pandemic to black out the legal fight forever.

P.S. Remember that there are two parts to a ballot: the state part and the Federal part. Perhaps the Federal part in that region may be voided by that region and the state part allowed through.

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