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Jim’s Rant For The Day. The Quantum Fluzzie Theory.

Quantum Theory physicists have concluded that there are multiple universes identical to ours. They theorized that we at times shift from one universe to another, consciously unaware that we are causing it and doing it.

This is where the Quantum Fluzzie theory comes in. As the mind experiment goes, a young girl has two suitors and does not know which one to marry. This is where she slips into three alternate universes for a few years. One if for the quiet stable boyfriend, the second is shacking up with the dashing outgoing athlete and the third universe is dating the entire baseball team and seeing what happens. At the end of the experiment she returns to her original universe and based on her experiences she mating decisions after the test runs.

Is the Military hanging us out there for a time to see just what we will tolerate and how close can the Deep State come to owning the world? Will they wait until the very last minute before they too decide which side to settle down with? Are we the fluzzies for just sitting around while they manipulate us and perhaps later crush our world so they can choose our real outcome?

Does Quantum Physics have a Quantum Asshole theory?

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