• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. The Puppets Hand Moved Yesterday.

Yesterday, in my opinion, the new Quantum Financial System (CFS) came online in banks as evidenced by the temporary crashing of the Federal Reserve money transfer system.

Twenty years ago, when I felt I was being shown the Collapse and Reset, I saw the chaos after the collapse as merchants tried to order inventory but couldn’t because the banks were down and the merchants did not know how to prepay for shipments. I specifically saw three different methods coming online as a prior method didn’t work well and went down. During the time delay to find a replacement method store inventories were depleted.

What I saw may no longer be a problem. Yesterday the Patriot puppeteer pulled the strings on the new money transfer system for the first time. Soon the current SWIFT money transfer system of the Federal Reserve will retire. And with it the reason for the world to have to use U. S. Dollars for world commerce, that being because the SWIFT system was the only way to wire money worldwide (dollars).

So just what does the new CFS mean for the future? Well first we have to understand other parts of the system are yet to come such as gold backed money from most countries. But for today let’s assume that happens in a few days. So once all the parts are combined this is what we might expect:

1. All countries will have their own currency gold backed. There will be no more worthless FIAT promissory currency.

2. All currencies will hold their relationships to each other unchanged in the future. So if one Wampum is equal to $2 today then ten years from now that ratio will remain unchanged. This ends the days of wealthy Hedge Funds & banks attacking a country to lower its exchange rate for a quick profit to those arbitrage departments. We are now seeing banks closing those trading floors.

3. Gone will be the roughly 3% debasement of FIAT money each year under the guise of “inflation”. A 1960 Mickey Mantle baseball card worth $100 today will still be worth $100 fifty years from now, only subject to some of those cards being lost over time (Fair Market Value). 4. Gone will be the difficulty in ordering a Voodoo doll, during a divorce, directly from a highly recommended witch doctor in Brazil.

5. Gone is the need for the U. S. to use its military to force other countries to continue using the Petro Dollar, for profit to the Banksters, or we will attack those countries. We can now bring our troops home to peace instead of being schoolyard bullies for the elite bankers.

6. Gone will be bank runs, fear of hyper inflation and crooked bankers and politicians creating funny money out of thin air to own us.

7. This is one more death blow to the Deep State. They are losing control of the money.

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