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Jim’s Rant For The Day. The Post

I worked a short time for a home security business well established in the big city 60 miles away. The owner moved to my city to expand it. They had a single user accounting software package that was moved to my location while all paper files remained behind. The majority of their customers lived there but that office had no access to the electronic records or customer history. It was a nightmare to unravel. The best I could do was link the two locations and each morning send them a clone of the accounting information as “read only” files for their research.

The next problem was the business was being run as a near bankruptcy which made no sense for a business like that and the fact that the owner was a CPA; not that CPAs can’t and don’t go bankrupt. The next curiosity was the owner played golf every other day with his oldest son. We never discussed the business as I focused on the main problems but something was amiss.

Just before I moved on to another fire I figured it out. There was a nasty divorce and Mrs. retained control of the other half of the business with her younger son running it for her, thus the reason for the owner moving to my town. The golfing was because the strange two had their eyes on becoming golf pros; the business was on automatic.

I once read a book on running a business which contained this sage advice “If yo think your business is running perfectly you haven’t looked at it lately.” The author was right. We create but things change from our creation.

Was the 2017 Movie The Post a psychological Operation against us by the Elite? It was an amazing historical presentation about the Washington Post’s fight with the White House to print the Pentagon Papers that revealed that we were losing the war in Vietnam even though the American public were being told we were winning.

I believe it was a Psy Op to convince us that the free press was still up to their jobs and were still free so we needn’t question them. Your thoughts?

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