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Jim’s Rant For The Day. The Nathan Bedford Forrest Confederate Flag.

I have told you that my wife recently purchased a double-wide Mobile Home for the farm. It has taken us eight months to have it delivered and it is awaiting the final inspection now so we can move in.

A few months ago I ordered an American flag and a Confederate flag to be raised when we settle in. I remind you we are in the Deep South here in Florida. I chose to purchase the Forrest Confederate flag instead of the original flag of 13 stars. The Forrest Flag only has 12 stars as he had the center star removed. No, he wasn’t pissed at one of the thirteen Confederate states, he did it for psychological warfare reasons.

In order to understand this first you have to understand Forrest. Let’s start with the fact that he won the most percentage of all battles he fought in than any general in our Civil War. He was the odd man out as he had no military training as all other generals did, as they had all attended West Point for their formal training. Thus they all played by the same playbook – they knew each others options. But they could never predict what Forrest would do.

As an example, West Pointers would attack an enemy stronghold, capture their real estate, occupy and defend it by leaving a detachment of their command behind. But not Forrest. He would attack, remove or destroy the garrison, destroy the fortifications and supplies, then abandon the real estate immediately, keeping his command intact.

Then there was the fact that he borrowed against his large plantation and raised and equipped his own cavalry. If he was assigned to another general and was told to follow an order that he believed would be suicide, he simply declined. He was not funded and supported as other military units were so he was an “independent” when he felt it was necessary.

Now getting back to the missing star. He removed the center 13th star so the enemy would readily know who was about to tangle with them. You see, his terms were always surrender or vacate or we will slaughter All defenders. This is where he most differed from the West Pointer gentlemen.

On one occasion he needed to do away with two enemy fortifications, one larger than the second a few miles away. He offered terms to the larger fortress first and they surrendered thinking their brother fort had been captured. He then repeated the process at the smaller fortress. He took both strongholds without a fight – he was feared that much.

Then there was his most famous order issued. Near the end of the war he was trapped on the only road by two larger Cavalry units, one fore and one aft. “Then we will attack in both directions.” It worked. Both enemy units were shocked and unprepared and so yielded the roadway. Forrest’s two units were able to regroup and continue on.

I share all of this because we are seeing psychological warfare being waged against us by the Deep State, experts in this type of warfare. Just look at the headlines. No more baby food, how terrifying!! Pioneer women would laugh at us as they made flour or cornmeal mush/pablum or mashed beans for their babies.

We see headlines of giant dog/men hybrids and an army of Bigfoot beings coming after us; no more food after three months on the planet and an alien attack during a power outage.

Folks, our thoughts are all that matter as we are creating all of this. We are creating our own future and have been all our lives. Don’t let the bastards steer you towards their dream future instead of your own. It is time for our star to shine now.

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