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Jim’s Rant For The Day. The Maddening Amount Of Madness About.

Let’s assume we are Putin, who we know is not into pushing the Vaxx. Imagine how isolated he must feel when he looks around all the rest of the Western World Leaders. To him he most certainly sees leaders gone mad, totally insane. But upon further examination he will see they are propped up and somehow supported in power. Now he is probably acknowledging some societal madness as well.

Knowing he knows the Deep State and the Banksters are collapsing and trying to save themselves, surely you would be alarmed that you, the last sane one around, are the war target and must prepare for it, right? Thus you are falling into the hands of the MSN Media but you must still be positioned for war.

So how did we get here? I have mentioned before that around the age of fourteen I read a historical treatment on the Salem Witch Trials of the last decade of the 1600s. I finished it swearing I would never succumb to mass hysteria and would think for myself.

The current hypothesis to explain the trails is it was the result of a fungus in the rye crop that caused the physical manifestations and delusions of the accusers, but to date no autopsies have validated this. But how does that help us with scattered Western Country Leaders? Are they all drinking the same spoiled local homogenized milk?

I suggest that if we were to write a paper on this we might do it in two steps. First we need to determine if the leaders are indeed mad or just faking it. If they are faking it what is their exit plan, because they surely know the longer they hold their power seat the greater the odds of them and their extended families executions are increased. If we decide there is no possible exit plan then we can conclude they are indeed mad. But how can one ever truly say there is no exit plan that we haven’t considered yet? We can never be 100% positive of it.

But if we do conclude from the above paragraph that the leaders are probably mad then how did they get that way, what conjoins them? Did the Deep State poison them all? Did Epstein slip them a Mickey the night they slept with Mickie and the constant blackmailing drove them into a trapped madness?

Another possibility is the scenario being advanced by Clif High that an off world alien life force (bug) has seduced the world leaders in some fashion, with or without a reward to them as an exit plan, like life without death. This in itself sounds insane doesn’t it? We know for a fact that there is a lot of evidence of hidden highly advanced civilizations that have left their marks around earth but we are not allowed to explore; they are just ignored as we side step them.

I know this may be difficult for some of you but please give me and you a chance here. Go back over and over the three paragraphs above, at least a half dozen times. If you conclude the leaders are not probably insane, then skip Clif’s podcasts not labeled by me as at least “[Excellent]” , otherwise continue to follow Clif’s lead and judgment that now is the time to learn this.

Happy Hunting.

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