• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. The Laundromat.

I recently saw the 2019 movie, The Laundromat, on Netflix. I highly recommend it. It is a light introduction of off-shore money laundering done by wealthy, criminals, corrupted and a few legal persons. See: Movie Trailer

My personal take on the movie is that it suggests a disgruntled whistle blower exposed the operations. I disagree. The “Panama Papers”, as it is referred to, were released in April of 2016. Look at the Geo-political ideas at the time, its Zeitgeist, which is the collective attitude or outlook of people or a culture at a specific point in time.

In April, 2016, Trump was six months away from trying to win the presidency from Hillary using his theme of “Drain the Swamp”. Suddenly the Panama Papers turn up exposing fraud by top elites all over the world. Is this a coincidence? I don’t think so. To me this was the work of the Military Intelligence. The Chinese have years designated as the “year of the rat” or the “year of the dog”. Perhaps history will call this our "Decade of the Fraud Awakening".

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