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Jim’s Rant For The Day. The “If, Then” Command.

To me the most powerful command in programming languages is the “If, Then” command.


IF your spouse is down, THEN bring home flowers,

IF your spouse is still down, THEN mix ‘em a good drink, IF your spouse is still down, THEN give ‘em a lot of attention and patience.

It in itself is a well thought out procedure to resolve the problem.

But my maturing fear now is that we are being thrust into an unknown without any procedures, without which we may destroy most of us.

First let’s start with Clif High’s podcast, Leaky Woo Too, posted last night. I know how hard it is to listen to, especially if you don’t know where he is going with the information, but please endure it for your sake. You will need to know that basic foundation in the future. So please follow it through and listen.

Now let’s fast forward to my fear. I have long feared that we will run out into the streets with our pitchforks and stab anything that looks a little different from us, especially at night. What we will fear is those not us while all along we all look like us.

There is no Litmus test or electrical multi-meter we can touch to another to see if they register as controlled by the bug, mad, partially mad, just greedy, or a plain ole slob like us. Hell, even some of us won’t know about our own snoring partners. Are they savable; free & sane; just greedy sometimes but always sane?

South Africa experienced this when Apartheid ended and they elected Nelson Mandela as their first black president. What were they to do, go out and slay the evil ones until assuredly they were all killed along with some innocents? No, calmer heads prevailed. They established “Reconciliation”, the policy in which evil ones had to publicly confess their misdeeds and were forgiven. If not done within a year investigations and criminal charges were in order; they were fair game.

So what do we do here? Consider the 2020 election fraud. How far do we go back to evict current officials in office due to fraud? Several elections? What about a politician that was elected by fraud but was unaware of it? How long can we shut down the governments until we get a truly elected slate? Can we ever get it right? What about the laws approved by the fraudulent ones, are they no longer laws?

What about the ones controlled by Clif's bug? Are they forever controlled and need to be killed for the benefit of humanity? Can they be hosed down and cleaned up, salvaged and become sane and productive again? And if so do we want to show them that mercy or shall we demand payment?

What about the plain slobs that were greedy? (To Be Determined)

What about the partially insane, or the new ones that become insane from the overload of information forcing them into a new reality?

Now you see my fear. There are no procedures with IF, THEN commands standing by that we can simply follow. We can only pray that we come together quickly and develop a Reconciliation procedure of our own that will keep us from becoming the last few perfect humans on the planet.

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