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Jim’s Rant For The Day. The Finger Of DeSantis To Biden and The DOJ.

Yesterday, Florida Governor DeSantis gave the finger to Biden and the Dept of Justice by announcing that Florida will not cooperate with the SCOTUS ruling that health care employees must be Vaxxed.

I do not know how DeSantis will play this out. Will he issue orders that forbid the vaxes or will he just do nothing to push the SCOTUS ruling, which he doesn’t have to do anyway. So at this point I assume he will act to interfere with that order.

See: “Workers who decide not to get vaccinated against COVID-19, either for personal beliefs or medication conditions, must be granted an exemption upon request, state officials said.

"Any worker can access the required exemption forms on the Florida Department of Health website," said the governor's press secretary Christina Pushaw. "Therefore, there is no reason any Floridian should lose his or her job over a COVID vaccine mandate."” Source

The last time a governor interfered in this manner is when Governor George Wallace saw troops in Montgomery, Alabama (1965) to shut his trap about not intergrating. The last time before that was the opening of our Civil War (1861).

So what DeSantis did yesterday is not inconsequential, it is a dangerous game of chicken. But consider this, Biden is dying on the stem as we speak, the DOJ has no real guts in my opinion to push their luck and VP Harris doesn’t even know where Florida is unless she attends Pelosi’s new house warming. Then as we speak there are hints that all 50 states have already activated their National Guards so they aren't available.

I think DeSantis will win this pissing contest.

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