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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. The Durham Indictment Plan . . .

or should I say the White Hat plan to use the Durham indictments? Over the past two weeks three indictments were dropped on average five days apart. Of course all three indictments are aimed at Hillary, the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Campaign.

So what is this saying to me? First it tells me after two years of silence some of those 190,000 indictments are being unveiled, even if only three. The five days apart tells me a pattern is building to focus attention on the Russian Collusion Hoax. Why it? Could it be the White Hats are saying why pull one trigger on a double barreled shotgun when you can just as easily pull two?

Here is my prognostication (I’m not smart enough to make a prediction):

More indictments will come this week and continue about 5 days apart.

Mike Lindell may get his vote fraud information into the Supreme Court soon. If just the voter fraud proof hits the Sheeple they could still dig in and not look at the evidence and remain closed minded. However, if they are hit at once with two overwhelming eye-popping provable stories it may overwhelm them to the point they must take time to question their beliefs. Thus this is the reason for the Durham attack on the Clinton Foundation and the Russian Collusion story now occurring.

So much for the double barreled shotgun analogy. But now I am embarrassed to ask you to pretend it’s a four barreled model(?) for the sake of conversation. Let’s call another barrel the Vax Hoax coming to light.

That leaves just one barrel, who shall the White Hats use it on? I put my money on the arrest and indictment of President Barack Obama for Treason. Tell me that won’t awaken the entire world faster than an earth sized ammonia capsule stuck under humanity's nose?

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