• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. The Dragon's Breath.

I was a bit confused the past few days due to lack of positive news on the direction of the reset. I was on the line on stating I felt it was time for patriots and citizens to come together in mass in Maricopa County to make a stand.

Then today a lot of positive news came it that uplifted me. Now I see a call for Patriots to assemble in Phoenix [in July]. At this time I am in full support of it and wish I lived closer than I am so I could join in. As mad as people are I doubt ANTIFA and BLM will show up to counter protest.

I think it is time for the Deep State to see what the people really feel at this hour. It is time the crooks smell the dragon’s warm breath. They need to seriously start looking over their shoulders. It’s time.

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For the great research this week. You nailed the opening shot in the OVERT war!