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Jim’s Rant For The Day. The Distinguished Gentleman.

Around 2000 I had gotten my degrees and still didn’t understand much of anything. You see, we are all born different. Some of us see colors, some see tools, some see people and I was born to see systems. I studied them and understood their theories but looking out at the world things didn’t match.

So I stayed in night school taking courses to help be reconcile those differences. I started with American History from 1945. I was the oldest student as I was 52 years old. During a break the professor asked me why I was there. I told her I wanted to know who was running our government. She laughed and said I needed to see the latest Eddy Murphy movie, The Distinguished Gentleman for that answer. So I did.

He was a con man that by a fluke became a Federal Congressman. An older Congressman took him under his wings. The Newby confided he didn’t know what to do. Older asked him how he felt about nuclear power. When told he didn't know, Older said suppose you are for it, then I can get you $10 Million form a PAC. Newby said suppose I am against nuclear power? Older said “Then I can get you $10 Million from another PAC.

Newby thought for a minute and said “This is crazy. How can you get anything accomplished in a system like this?” Older responded with ”That’s the beauty of the system, we don’t!”

See: free Full Movie here

If you are still confused, see this article: Pelosi's Top Pick For Transportation Committee Caught On Video "Repeatedly" Crashing Her Car While Attempting To Park.

It is about an 84 year old Congresswoman ramming someone else’s car and not bothering to leave insurance information. Then you will understand how our leadership works.

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