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Jim’s Rant For The Day. The Darkest Hour and Rear Guard Actions.

If you saw that movie The Darkest Hour about Winston Churchill taking over as Britain's Prime Minister and his first month in office you will have seen a rear guard action up close.

In a nutshell over 200,000 British troops were trapped in France by the Germans at the beach of Dunkirk. It was Britain's entire army and it was about to be captured at the beginning of WWII.

Churchill ordered a small 4,000 man garrison of British troops nearby to attack the huge German army to distract it from completing the capture at Dunkirk. He ordered the garrison to fight to their death which they did. This was a horrible order to have been issued but such is the ways of war. There have always been times when rear guard actions have been ordered so the trade off of a small unit might save the lives of a much larger main unit. Rear guard actions are most always suicide actions.

Now let’s look closely at the rear guard action at Kabul. Until a suicide bomb episode a few days ago, I saw a clean army withdrawal. So when the US. Military was ordered to withdraw they moved their army in a most successful manner to me.

But wait you say, they left thousands of American and allies behind as the press says. That is probably true. But I suggest it is really too early to tell what actually is occurring. I am not sure myself. But let’s look closer at the Afghanistan war.

Is it possible that the war was between mainly the British and U. S. forces on one side and the Deep State, the State Department and the CIA on the opposing side? So if this is true is it possible that most of those Americans now trapped in Afghanistan are with the war machine that has been killing the British and American forces that just marched out of the war? And if this is true did our military have a duty to take that group out with them, especially when they were playing hide and seek with our military?

Is this possible?

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