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Jim’s Rant For The Day. The Cross That Uncrosses The Double Crossers.

What if you cross the Phil Godlewski post from yesterday with the Conservative Treehouse post of today? What you will get is Godlewski suggesting that Trump wanted his house to be raided so that evidence can be legally entered into the legal system.

The Treehouse article suggests that the document the FBI was searching for is the Ratcliff Report given to Trump a few days prior to the end of his Presidential term. Trump has said it was declassified by him immediately and this is supported by Ratcliffe that it was immediately declassified. That report has all evidence gathered by the intelligence community regarding the coup, false Russian report and the stolen election.

Why was this route taken? Because the Dept. of Justice will not prosecute and is covering for the coup.

If this is all true then the FBI now has legal evidence of crimes of sedition, racketeering and treason in it’s possession that can freely be released to the public because it is unclassified!

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