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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. The Cheaters Are Cheating The Cheaters That Caught Them Cheating!

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Confusing ain’t it? For years the Banksters and Wall Street have been cheating the public in the stock market by cheating. They would intentionally run up stocks to bring in suckers then naked short them and clean out those public investors because the Banksters knew when and which way the market would go because they controlled it, and then shear the suckers.

This week Reddit (a communication platform) notified all the public players on RobinHood and Ameritrade (free trading platforms) that the banksters had a huge naked short they had to cover this week to bilk the public suckers. The word was out that the Banksters had to buy at any cost! Suddenly the public traders drove up Gamestop (the target stock) from an earlier price of about $10 to yesterday’s near $500 per share. This supposedly cost the Banksters $70 Billion in covering their bets.

But more damages are ahead for the banksters because they fund Ameritrade and Robinhood to send them suckers by not charging commissions on stock activity. Because of the ownership, the Banksters directed the two trading platforms to sell the stocks without orders from their public clients. The Banksters tried to stop their losses by again resorting to cheating.

At one time Standard Oil (John D Rockefeller) was one of the largest oil companies in the United States. Around 1982 they were sued for contract interference against a competitor. They caused another company in a sweet deal with one of Standards competitors to terminate that deal and give it to Standard. Standard Oil lost the case and as a result was placed within $1 of bankruptcy, as punitive damages, and had to sell itself a few years later. Standard Oil lost itself through fraud and Contract Interference.

What we are witnessing is the Banksters demonstrating how they have been committing fraud on the unsuspecting public for years and the fact they will continue to commit fraud and contract interference to keep their money, all while the entire world watches the world of lies in real time. The Banksters just showed their hand and are about to get hit with class action law suites that can put them out of business in a real courthouse.

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