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Jim’s Rant For The Day. The Burma Bomber.

Two months ago I learned that as WWII was ending a strange rescue was planned for prisoners held by the Japanese in Burma. A General there was told the war would end in a week (due to the atom bomb to be dropped). The General also knew that Japanese officers were under orders to execute all prisoners if their retreat was required.

The General shared this information with an Army colonel who was ordered to present a completed raid plan the next day to rescue the captives. He was infuriated with the plan. The Colonial explained that to send a fast raiding party undetected through the jungle the required distance and time was impossible. Then to remove the sickly prisoners to safety before a counter attack was also impossible.

Therefore his plan was to have a bomber fly over the camp and drop leaflets all addressed to the camp commander. He was informed that the military knew how many prisoners were held there now and if at the end of the war one prisoner was executed the commanding officer and his entire family would be hunted down and murdered.

The General responded that the plan was the most idiotic plan ever and after the war the colonel would face a court martial if any prisoners were executed. A bomber flew over the camp; no prisoner was executed.

When a war is ending look for anomalies to occur. Such anomalies might be the SWIFT global money transfer system failing for the first time in over 60 years or all credit cards failing to operate globally for three hours.

Now I ask you, if we assume Trump is in charge now, and his goal is to empty the tunnels of captive kids, and that is being done now, wouldn’t he turn off the faucet at the other end of the tunnels supplying more kids? If we assume Trump controls the actor portraying Biden then is it possible the kids being rounded up at the border are being allowed through and then captured in a safety net?

Is Trump in charge and allowing the kids to get into safety before they are abandoned in the desert to die at the soon to be end-of-the-war? Just asking Folks. Be careful before answering because this is a double bonus question; Trump saves the kids and also turns more people against Biden before the end game.

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