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Jim’s Rant For The Day. The Big Short and Silver.

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Everyone of you already knows this but I am going to say it a different way.especially for Adam.

The movie The Big Short is the true story about three groups that recognized the impending mortgage defaults before they hit in 2007 – 2008. They saw what no one else saw. This made them appear as very stupid people. They were adamant in believing what they saw but their problem was how to cash in on their foreknowledge?

There was no Bookie in England taking bets like that or a financial product they could purchase from Sears and Roebuck to capitalize on. So they went out and created financial instruments to turn their vision into profits. They created derivatives just for themselves and paid millions of dollars to get them. This was tantamount to going to one of the big banks and saying “I’ll bet you $60 Million that the earth will stop turning to the East this year and start turning to the West. The Bankers just scoffed and laughed at them and gladly took their money. They each had a bargain.

A bargain is defined in layman's terms as a deal in which both sides walk away thinking they fleeced the other party. The bankers knew they took money from incompetent fools. But with something like a 50 to 1 payoff the three groups knew they just fleeced entire major banks, which they did.

All of this sounds complicated to us mere mortals and we wish we could do what those three groups did but we were way out of our leagues, right? Well, not so fast. We can do what they did.

Here’s the scary part about the bets the Three made. They never knew who they were betting against because each of the banks bought insurance policies (more derivatives) to protect themselves if they actually lost the crazy bets. So when the collapse began to materialize the Three feared the banks may not be financially able to payoff before the banks filed bankruptcy. That’s where they were sweating blood.

But now the path through that minefield is cleared for you to safely travel in their footsteps. Here’s how.

1. Purchase U. S. Silver Eagle Dollars. Hold it in your possession and never let go. IRS will never know you have it and never needs to know. Each coin will cost you about $35 and will pay off somewhere between $600 to $3,000 per coin, depending on which experts you trust. That's a bet of 17:1 up to 86:1.

2. Because you hold the physical silver the coin is made of, you needn't fear the bankruptcies of anyone as gold and silver has always been the true source of money through history. It has that attribute because the metal will never lose it’s value – it is what it is. No one is going to pay you off because you already hold the payoff in your hand.

So to conclude, the Three have shown us the way. When you purchase physical silver coins you are betting on the collapse of the dollar as well as the collapse of the financial system.

By the way, when the news outlets talk about “Inflation” know that the word is code for the “collapse of the Dollar”. So yes, you are betting that the dollar will collapse. That is why the Banksters are manipulating the paper price of Silver to extremely low prices to scare us away from betting against the dollar (them).

Take your collapsing dollars and go to a local coin shop and say “I’ll take that bet.”

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