• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. “Take Me To Your Leader.”

I have never heard a Martian joke without hearing that command. For instance, the one about a Martian landing at night at a closed gas station. Seeing the lit-up pump he ordered it to “Take me to your leader.” When the pump ignored him he shot it with his ray gun, throwing him across the street. Getting up he said “I should have known better than to mess with anyone who can wrap his dick around himself twice and stick it in his ear.”

Let’s talk about taking me to your leader. Suppose you programmed a robot to rob a 7-11. You used a joy stick to maneuver it but when positioned the program pointed the gun and said “Stick em up!” If the robot was captured would it be criminally charged for the crime? Of course not – the programmer and operator would be charged. The robot is simply a machine.

Now let’s discuss today’s Ben Fulford Report when he said the planet is controlled by AI (Artificial Intelligence), which is the real culprit. Bullshit. AI is a big computer that operates just like a little computer. It runs a program, one line at a time. It only does what it is told to do. Now it can learn, like all details about your life, but the information is just information. It has to be programmed to make a decision about you financially based on criteria programmed into it.

Let me restate that. The computer cannot get up in a pissed-off mood one morning and suddenly say “OK you Mothers, up against the wall!” So for Fulford to say that AI is in charge is simply a way for the real leaders to have plausible deniability by claiming the SODDI Defense (some other dude did it). "It must have been those smart-ass programmers."

The machine is only doing what it was programmed to do. You will never see a robot wearing a leg boot.

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