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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Stolen Plays From My Playbook.

I have been overwhelmed but pleasantly shocked by the number of Rants I have been cranking out the past month. It has been exhausting but accelerating to me. There have been several reasons for it which I will share later.

This morning after Betty had a half cup of coffee I gingerly approached, sat down and began conversation. I shared the shock of so much work product flowing. I then told her that twice I spent summer school in make up English courses, one from college. The College writing course broke my heart.

Being a slow learner it took me a full year to learn they didn’t care if they funked me or not. In fact they were happy to because a certain percentage of students had to fail for the school to keep it’s high accreditation rating. I was actually taking guilt from the teacher by volunteering to fail.

My second year I was serious and all in. The writing assignment was to describe something. Easy Peezy. I got off work Saturday Night and sharpened my pencil. That’s all I could write – nothing. Sunday afternoon I did the very best I could in adjust a few hours. I was proud until I received my usual “D”. That stung.

But that sting went away when the professor read the best paper. Because of the title it had to have been from a male as no female would have dared do it; manners you know. It was titled “The view of my bathroom as seen from my throne.” It was amazingly detailed, beautiful and entertaining. There was no doubt where he was when he wrote it. I was shamed because I knew that as hard as I tried I could never write like that. But in summer school a different instructor took an alternate route and writing was not required. Instead we studied styles and passages others wrote. Lucky me! I got an “A”.

Now for the reason for all the Rants lately. Of course the war is roaring more loudly and coming to a town near you soon. It’s in our faces and they don’t hide it anymore. But a week ago I had occasion to read my old Outline For Success I wrote 25 years ago that was a record of what drove me, a perpetual failure, to success.

I was being overwhelmed with the news column increasing so I sought refuge to stop writing and visit a Prepper Forum for calm adult conversation. I was actually seeking true discourse to help my thinking, something that was uplifting. You know me, always seeking unseen solutions to problems. I have been around Prepper Forums, off and on, for twenty years. To me there are three types of folks there: The scared, the thinkers seeking. . , and those that just piss and moan. For the most part I ran into a lot of the last group, spectators and not doers. They threw eggs and old produce at me.

It worked and motivated me more, just the shot in the arm I needed. It was not what I expected but was what I needed. I was hoping to be motivated by good conversation and reading conversations of others for inspiration. However I was then able to cash in on the following plays from my Outline:

43 Be a Martyr

54. Picture Yourself As The Underdog. 56. Get Mad Damn-it.

Outline For Success - Project Management
Download PDF • 876KB

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